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Why I will never buy a Samsung product again
Posted by: HoboSylvain | 2014-12-10 17:12:00 | Bogota, Bogota D.C., Colombia
Keywords: failure
While I was in Panama, I broke the screen of my Nexus Android tablet. The break made my tablet useless, sadly. I tried hard to have it repaired while in Panama City, unfortunately the Nexus ASUS parts aren't available in Panama. I thus had no other choice than buy a new tablet. Based on the features I was looking for and the fact I saw many pieces of Samsung products (including tablets) available easily in repair shops, I went and bought a brand new Samsung tablet (old model Tab 3).

Right from the start, I didn't like its speed of reaction compared to my Nexus.  Then, I noticed many problems with a few applications and playing videos.  Often, it also rebooted by itself without any reason.   The main feature I was looking for (the GPS onboard chip) wasn't working well either, and was very slow to update.  I was getting a GPS lock with my compact Nikon camera within a few seconds while, from the same location, it could take up to 5 minutes to get a fix on my Samsung tablet.  This morning, it wouldn't accept my password to unlock it.

I went on Samsung's Colombia site (the country where I am right now) and through their 24/7 chat system they told me to go to the service centre nearby to have it fixed... they'd do that in just a few minutes apparently and no need to ship my tablet somewhere else.   I was feeling relieved... for a moment.  Then I saw the address they gave me for their own branded store and service centre wasn't the right one!  (I looked at Google Maps and the address they gave me didn't exist!)  But I managed to get the right address...  and I went there.  Only to realize the business hours I was given by the online tech support weren't right either... it didn't open at 9 but at 10.   So, I can't say I was a happy camper when I finally got inside to see the technical support.

Samsung is NOT for travellers

When I lined up to get a service order ticket, the woman asked me when I had bought my tablet... when I said “Panama”, she told me they don't repair items bought out of Colombia.  That painfully reminded me of the experience I had with Toshiba when a laptop of their brand had problems while I was in Australia... but since it was a Canadian product, Toshiba Australia couldn't do anything for me.

But I got to see a 'technician' anyway.   The guy couldn't explain me why the tablet wouldn't accept my password, just told me I must have entered it wrong (So, it could happen again tomorrow!)  Sure, I entered my password wrongly like 15 times... when I entered it correctly at least 5 times yesterday.  He told me that the only solution was to re-initialize the tablet and lose all data.  Well, I don't need to send it for repair for that... just to enter a wrong password a few more times.  So, I did that.... and I have a new priority for the next two days... re-install all my apps and reconfigure it once again.

So, don't be fooled... paying for a brand name won't give you ANY service worldwide... not from Toshiba, not from Samsung.  If you buy electronics at home, leave them at home if you travel.  If you travel, don't buy anything abroad.  Or better yet, just pay half price for a Chinese imitation which can be repaired easily virtually anywhere in dozens of makeshift street repair shops in most cities.

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