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Panama to Colombia, day 4
Posted by: HoboSylvain | 2014-11-20 18:07:27 | Capurgana, Choco, Colombia
Keywords: border, crossing, San Blas
I woke up a bit sore because of the hard floor, but I slept well overall and once I stretched a bit, I was good. I left in a hurry to visit more of that Kuna village because I knew we would be leaving early. So, I walked in the village, took a few pictures. I was impressed by the agility of a guy with a chainsaw and I chatted a bit with one of the elders of the village. I wasn't able to get a picture of a woman in the traditional attire however.


The breakfast began at 7:00 to end at 8:00. It was the leftovers of two days before... with cereals, sliced bread, peanut butter and oatmeal. It was our last meal in Panama. Right after breakfast, we packed and left at 9 AM. We packed all our bags carefully because it was beginning to rain. We were a bit worried it would turn out as a storm as the day before. We were barely dry from it! But Mother Nature wanted to say us “Goodbye” in a nice way... we saw many dolphins around boat. They were mostly on the other side of the boat but I got a picture of one on my side :-)

A dolphin about 5 meters from our boat.

But the rain lasted only one hour and had stopped when we reached the Panama border checking point. We had to take all our belongings off the boat and into a military complex. A drug-sniffing dog went by all pieces of luggage to make sure nothing was there (if he had found anything, that would have been probably at least 10 years of jail time automatic for the culprit). Then we moved back onto the boats. Since the sky was clear, we didn't rewrap everything as carefully... and we had only 1-hour or so to do before we reach the port of Capurganá.

Welcome to Colombia

Of course, as soon as we arrived, the rain resumed! But we had only a short walk to the hostel. I had made a reservation into another hostel, I asked my way there and I walked 15 minutes path under light rain. The host is a French guy so we talked a bit in French. He gave me a few pointers on the little town and led me to the a great juice place where I discovered the juice of lulo. It's a delicious fruit. I'll make a food entry about it sometime later for sure.

At the Panama border point, we got out exit stamp from Panama but we didn't get our Colombia entry one. For that, we had to go ourselves to the local immigration office in Capurganá, after it opened at 3 PM. I waited for the office to open and went in. The interview was short and sweet... asked me the basic usual questions then the officer stamped my passport, giving me the maximum of 90 days.

After I was officially admitted in Colombia (although I had been in there for over 3 hours already), my next mission was to buy my ferry ticket to get to Turbo, another city in Colombia, at the bottom of the bay to catch bus to reach other cities.

Then, I returned to my hostel with the goal to shower and copy my pictures off my cameras memory cards to my laptop and external drive. Since I had no Internet connection there, I could not yet upload them to the cloud. The second part of the plan went well. The first part... not so much... because of the heavy rain earlier in the day, the natural water source of the hostel was clogged... so no water.

I then just rested and turned in early because I had to leave at 6 AM to be at the ferry for 6:30.

In the next article, I'll tell you about my trip from Capurganá to Cartagena.... on days 5 and 6.

Map of the route I took.

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