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Panama to Colombia, day 2
Posted by: HoboSylvain | 2014-11-15 17:15:25 | Cartagena, Bolivar, Colombia
Keywords: boat, crossing, San Blas
On the second day, we visited the extreme of the islands: a desert one and a village island. The desert island was relatively small and we had a beach just for us. There were some good snorkeling spots nearby that kept come busy. My highlight of the day was the village we reached as light was going down.

After a restless night, I decided at 5 o'clock it was time to end this comedy and to get up, it took me about ten minutes to get out of the hammock. The process was complicated by both my position in the hammock and the very close proximity of my neighbour, merely centimetres away, but I managed to get up without touching him then went to sit on the beach until sun was up,

Our speed boat to do the island hopping.

I didn't see a nice sunrise because it was cloudy with brief shower storms, but after a while it was clear enough to see well around us and I returned to bath in the ocean a bit more until breakfast was ready. On the table we had a variety of cereals, sliced white bread, peanut butter, strawberry jam, sliced fruits and a carrot/banana cake.

Some of the islands are quite small.

Desert island

We left at 10:20 for the desert island, which we reached one hour and 45 minutes later after a bumpy ride on open Caribbean Sea waters. We landed on a small beach and the was not much to do on this island still in her natural condition (except for garbage left by previous visitors). I found a spot in the shade to lay down and rest a bit until the cold-cuts sandwich dinner. After lunch, I laid down about an hour, dozing along with the sound of the nearby waves, to recharge my batteries a bit.

Some others were tanning (what we call in Canada 'doing bacon') while others were just drinking and smoking while playing cards. While a few others were snorkeling, I was just walking on the tiny beach of this much larger island or being in the water.

Village island

Around 5 PM, we left this island to reach the village of Obunoed Nega which name translates from Kuna language into 'Restful spot' which was what I was looking for. The boat ride was just 15 minutes.

We were assigned rooms. I was lucky and got a hard but very welcomed bed within a large room with six other beds, on second level with a nice view.

I then made a quick visit into the village before it was dark and I waited for the supper before heading to my room and begin writing these articles. The eating area was a little hut on stilts by the water but was quickly filled by the group and by all kinds of smokes. The noise level was as high as the air pollution, so I just stepped out at one point to get away from all that.

Finally the meal arrived, just a piece of fried chicken with rice and veggies. I quickly ate then left this area to let the kids party while I was getting some rest.

I fell asleep around 9 PM and I had uninterrupted sleep, except for a brief disturbance at one o'clock when a few of my roommates came in. It was raining when I woke up at 5, but I was feeling rested.

Route taken.

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