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Vancouver to Tijuana
Posted by: HoboSylvain | 2013-09-12 21:30:16 | San Diego, California, United States
Keywords: border, coast, crossing
Today, I officially completed my crossing the US on the West coast, by going to the border crossing to Tijuana. I didn't cross into Mexico, but I had a glimpse at it from a highway overpass (picture on the left), and I went to touch the building into which I would have entered to go to Mexico.

That West coast descent began in Vancouver on August 25th, when I re-entered the US for the 3rd time on this journey. I then reached Seattle to spend the night at a generous Couchsurfing host (I had slept a few nights there 2 weeks prior). In the next morning, I took the train for a 18-hour long ride to reach Northern California to spend a few days with my old friends (old because we've known each other for about 20 years now). I skipped Portland (OR) this time around, but I visited it on the way up two weeks before.

After I parted with my friends, I spent 2 days in Sacramento, the boring capital of California before spending almost a week in exciting San Francisco. After 4 nights in Los Angeles, I arrived yesterday in San Diego.

So, I went from the North border of the US Coast to the South one. Of course, THIS border control is used to see foot traffic, every 15 minutes a trolley from San Diego drops hundreds of people just about 200 m from that border crossing. Approaching the border point, I really felt like a cattle going to be boarded on a truck and brought far far away. The path is made out of a long cement canyon getting narrower as you go further... and ends with the entrance of the building of the Mexican border authorities (see below). You can only go in through turnstiles, there's no way out on that side... so once you're in, you have to meet with border officials. That's why I didn't enter (I purposely left my passport at the hotel). I'll cross the Mexican border in a few weeks, at another busy entry point: Juarez.

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