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Rest, work and planning
Posted by: HoboSylvain | 2013-09-27 20:47:11 | El Paso, Texas, United States
Keywords: planning, rest, work
I just arrived in El Paso, Texas, where I'll be for a week. I'll use that time to catch back on work, rest a bit and plan the Mexican leg of my journey. I'll enter Mexico next week, and I'll spend about 5 months in that country before continuing to the Central America.

I still have some sleep to catch back from my stay in high altitude and from my fast travelling.  I have some work to do on my Web sites to improve features and rough up some edges.  Plus I have some texts to write for other publications.  Finally, I had to finish up my recap itinerary for the USA leg, prepare my Mexican one and the rest of the trip too (to have printed).  I'll also try to brush up a bit on my Spanish.

Because of that, don't expect too many posts from me this week.

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