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May I present you my new luggage
Posted by: HoboSylvain | 2013-07-12 19:55:12 | Washington, D. C., Washington, D.C., United States
Keywords: gear, luggage, replacement
What? Already a new luggage? Did I need more space? Did I not like the colour of my old one anymore? Nope. Simply because my old faithful wheeled suitcase broke down. I don't know exactly when it happened... but I realized something was wrong about it when I climbed hills to reach my room in Washington's suburbs. I had to drag that beast along.

It had taken me months to find the perfect luggage for my trip to Europe 2 years ago. And when I began planning for this journey, that luggage was still in perfect condition so I decided to keep it and use it. I had used it during 3 long weeks in Europe, for many trips within Canada and USA too. In total, she has served for over 12 000 km of ground travels and about half a dozen flights. So, I understand for her to be tired... I just wished she had given me some signs rather than quit me abruptly.

The container was fine... and was holding all that I needed. I was thinking about doing most of my US segments with her... but one of her wheel broke down and it had become too much of a pain to literally drag all my life possessions on the asphalt and cement. See what it did to the wheel who didn't want to roll anymore (the one in the upper side of the picture).

So, my priority in DC was not to take pictures or visit sites anymore... it was to replace my luggage and get a new one to leave in 2 days for the next stop. I wasn't expecting to find a perfect luggage like my old one... but I knew I needed something functional and above all, I had to make sure I could fit everything I had.

I went to a first store, didn't really find what I wanted... unless I was willing to pay $150... which I wasn't. I went into another store and I found this one for $90. The selection to chose from was slim, had only 2 models available corresponding to my needs. I was happy with this grey one and I bought her as my new travel companion. It's a lot roomier, but I don't plan on filling her up.

Had I not had sunburns, I might have been tempted by a regular backpack... although I didn't know where to buy such here in DC. I could have found for sure... but I wasn't mentally ready to switch to the backpack just yet.


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