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How many ways to cross a border?
Posted by: HoboSylvain | 2013-08-26 09:30:21 | Seattle, Washington, United States
Keywords: border, crossing
With my crossing of the Canada/USA border by regular commercial bus yesterday, I began to wonder in how many different ways I had crossed that border and what I'd have not yet done. I would probably not cross this border again for a very long time, but perhaps that could give me an idea for other border crossings.

Here are the ways I've crossed the Canada/USA border (all other borders were crossed by plane):
  1. Plane (from one airport to another)
  2. By car (once each way, with a friend, many many years ago)
  3. By train (from Montreal to New York City)
  4. By bus - private/chartered (for a Christmas corporate party weekend in New York City)
  5. By bus - tour (twice, to go in New York City for a weekend tour)
  6. By bus - city (round-trip between Detroit and Windsor, during this journey)
  7. By bus - commercial (a few days ago, between Vancouver and Seattle)
  8. By boat (Ferry between Port Angeles and Victoria)
  9. By foot (on July 2nd this year, to enter the USA)

I can think of a few other ways, but not that many: by bicycle, by motorcycle and by canoe, but the list is pretty limited.

How many ways have you crossed a national border (and met a border officer)? Any other method I didn't think of?

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