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East-West crossing of the USA
Posted by: HoboSylvain | 2013-08-14 13:12:22 | Port Angeles, Washington, United States
Keywords: crossing, Itinerary
As I arrived in Seattle a few days ago, I officially completed my East-West crossing of the USA... now that I'm in Port Angeles, I cannot go much farther West or North on the continental US states. It took me 41 days to cross the USA by ground transportation and visit dozens of locations along the way. I'm now heading to Canada for a few days before crossing the entire US West coast North to South, for the second leg of my US stay.

It all began by my epic foot border crossing at Mars Hill border point in Northern Maine on July 2nd. Then it was Boston where I had my major sunburns after some silly time on the beach there. After Boston, I went to New York City, where I mostly took care of my sunburns thanks to the hospitality of my first CouchSurfing hosts on this journey, and went out to get some cheesecake and peanut butter. Then it was Philadelphia with its iconic sandwiches, before I visited Washington DC, a mandatory stop due to its national capital status, even though I don't really like DC.

Then it was the discovery of hilly Pittsburgh and its fries obsession, before I headed to deserted Detroit and its Coney Island hot dogs. As you know, from Detroit, I've been to Hell and sent a postcard to my friends in Paradise I'll visit in less than 2 weeks. Next stop was my beloved Chicago with its wonderful architecture, its deep-dish pizza and dawgs, before I headed South to St. Louis to visit a UNESCO World Heritage Site and go up the Arch. I then next stuffed myself with Kansas City BBQ before my horrible epic 12-hour bus ride to Denver.

During my solo time in Denver, I've been to Colorado Springs and Pikes Peak to be amongst the clouds at 14 100 feet. I then joined a group of Chinese tourists for a bus tour including Devil's Tower, Crazy Horse Memorial, Mount Rushmore and of course Yellowstone and Grand Teton national parks. That tour dropped me in Salt Lake City, with its non-iconic Fry Sauce, before I made a nice 17-hr bus ride to Portland before I reached Seattle and Port Angeles.

In total, I stopped (slept) in 19 different US cities during this first leg, travelled 7 708 km on the road between cities (only about 13 km by boat, the rest was done in bus), not counting my travels within a city or day trips outside my housing city. I also spent two nights on buses travelling from one city to another on two 12-hours plus bus rides.

I have visited 5 UNESCO World Heritage Sites: Statue of Liberty, Independence Hall, Cahokia Mounds, Yellowstone national park and Olympic national park.

I have met dozens of interesting people, including my Couchsurfing hosts in New York City, Philadelphia, Detroit, Kansas City, Salt Lake City, Portland and Seattle. Let's not forget my Mensa SIGHT host in Washington DC.

I think I can say I've been busy :-)

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