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45 days on the road
Posted by: HoboSylvain | 2013-07-30 21:40:06 | Denver, Colorado, United States
Keywords: health, this blog site
I just completed my 45th day on the road. I already explained the challenges I faced, now a few more stats to complete the picture.

On the health side first.  My sunburns are now totally a thing of the past.  It took longer than expected, but I couldn't take all actions to help the cure as if I had been at 'home'.  My stretched heel is also getting better.  I can't rest it as I should but I try.  A funny thing happened recently, I lost a toe nail.  No injury, no blood, no pain, it just fell out in my sock.

One last health note, I lost more than inch on waistline, probably about 10 pounds.  I don't know if it's all the skin I shed due to my sunburns, my walking or my different eating habits, but now I cannot wear my jeans without a belt.

In these 45 days, I've posted 12 blog entries about my life on the road, 1 about thoughts on life, 34 about visits I've done plus 35 pictures of the day.  That's not a bad average :-)

I also took about 4500 pictures... out of which about 1000 will be unique kept.

I might not have Internet every night next few days because of Yellowstone tour, but in worst case, you'll have a dump of many posts once I'm in Salt Lake City.

No, the bear on the picture isn't me... but a giant blue bear in front of the Convention Center here in Denver.

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