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17-hour bus ride
Posted by: HoboSylvain | 2013-08-13 09:40:38 | Portland, Oregon, United States
Keywords: bus, transportation
A few days ago, as I went from Salt Lake City to Portland (OR), I did a 17-hour bus run. This was a new record for me for a trip aboard the same vehicle. Unlike my previous long bus ride of 12 hours from Kansas City to Denver, this time it went pretty well. That's probably why I didn't feel the need to share the post right away, but also because I had so much details to work out for the next steps of my journey.

 had previously done 14.5 hours on a plane (to go to Australia in 2007) and on this journey, I also had a travel rush of 31.5 hours within 36 hours to go from Gros Morne National Park to Wolfeville in June but that was on a mix of different vehicles and transportation means.

This time, the bus wasn't full... so I had a full bench to myself to be able to relax and find a good sleeping position. Since I had no immediate neighbour, I didn't have a stinky smoker poisoning me. Another positive element was that there were a few less stops during the night, so I was able to sleep most of the time between midnight and 7 AM, so I arrived in Portland rested.

I was also able to enjoy the scenery after sunrise because it wasn't rainy nor foggy, which helped make the ride more enjoyable.

I will soon do more long nightly bus runs, but only limited to 12 or 14 hours. But I will set a new record in about two weeks by doing a 18-hour train ride from Seattle to Chico in order to visit my friends in northern California. Those night runs allow me to save money on lodging... so that's a very good point.

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