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Panama to Colombia, day 3
Posted by: HoboSylvain | 2014-11-17 18:19:56 | Isla 3, Kuna Yala, Panama
Keywords: San Blas, weather
I woke up a bit sore from the very hard bed but rested overall for my last full day in the territory of Panama. I took my iPod to write some text as I waited until I heard more activity in the village to go for another look at the village. As I took more pictures, it was very different than the night before since the streets were almost empty.

We had breakfast (eggs and some kind of bread) then we headed out for another desert island for the day. However, about 45 minutes after departure we encountered a big storm that forced us to come back some of way seek refuge in a village nearby. We were under very heavy rain, with almost no visibility and seeing lightening left and right. It wasn't the time to be in open water, especially with a small boat like ours. We didn't notify the village in advance but because of the obvious storm, they let us dock and go to a small restaurant for coffee. Right after the eye of the storm was passed but still raining pretty hard we were gently asked to leave right away (or we would be taxed for access to the island). So, we headed out again. We were all soaken wet down to the bones already so we didn't really care about more rain.

Some got out of the boat with their life jacket during the rain break.

Desert island

We had to ride our boat for another hour and a half to reach the destination island. It was a huge island but we had just a tiny beach. We spent roughly four hours there. On the little beach, we had more sandwiches like the day before. It was not raining anymore but we had a cloudy sky so we could still enjoy the water and there was as nice snorkeling site nearby where most people went. I killed my time at the beach laying on the sand and walking loops around the beach (a six-minute lap). We used a few palm trees to dry some clothes as you can see on the top picture.

Some played soccer with local kids under heavy rain.

We left this island just before 5 o'clock to reach the nearby village to spend our last night. After settling down, we had a group visit of a small portion of the village as daylight was fading away. The guide highlighted some elements of the Kuna culture. I felt a bit frustrated because they sell their trip based on close contacts with the Kuna culture but on both occasions we arrived at dusk at the villages without much occasion to fully appreciate their architecture or interact with them. Especially today with the cloudy day it would have been more interesting spending more time at the village than at the tiny beach.

After the tour of the village we headed to the local restaurant where I had fried chicken (the other choice was octopus, which I like, but cooked with lots of garlic, which I don't like). Then I retired in my room located right next to the common (party) room. Normally, it would have been another hammock night, but I was able to use a spare mattress instead. When I got ready to sleep, I put on some music in my earphones to bury the party noises and sleep.

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