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Meet Rosa
Posted by: HoboSylvain | 2013-10-31 19:44:36 | Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico
Keywords: food, Interview
Part of the reasons I make this journey is to force myself to be more social and get more in contact with people (second objective is to practice my Spanish). To force myself to do so, I decided to start a new series of articles about local people I encounter on the road that have a job I don't know nothing about and learn about their job and them. In the first instalment of what I hope to be a long series, I present you Rosa. Rosa is working in a tortilleria and makes tortillas.

Rosa works in a small shop across a market in the El Refugio area of Guadalajara. She begins her day around 6 AM and ends it at various hours depending on the day... but usually around 4 PM or 5 PM. In her shop, she does her own masa and makes only corn tortillas. She sells both the masa and the tortillas by the weight. A kilo of masa is 10 pesos (US$0.75) while a kilo of tortillas is 12 pesos (US$0.92).

She usually packets the tortillas by half a kilo... which yield about 20 of her 12 cm tortillas. Every packet is counted on the balance, then wrapped in a paper then in a plastic bag. And that bag is stored in an empty ice chest to keep them warm until sold. She sells too many tortillas in a day to count them... but she sells them to both individuals and restaurants clients.

Rosa has no big problems with her work... but when the portioning machine isn't properly calibrated or if the dough is slightly out of the perfect consistency, sometimes the machine produces partial tortillas, causing some loss. Those are then discarded by Rosa as she assembles the packets. Overall, she does enough money for her needs, and she's happy. She used to work in a shoe factory and didn't like it much there. She much prefers to be in contact with the public as she is now, and like to see her regular customers come over every day.

I thank Rosa for her collaboration and her schooling about the process of making tortillas. I hope you enjoy this new series of articles in which I'm trying to show you the life of real people living in places I visit throughout my journey around the world.

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