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Meet Don José Luis Partida Garcia
Posted by: HoboSylvain | 2013-11-05 19:50:23 | Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico
Keywords: Interview
For this second interview, I met with a man doing a job on the verge of extinction but who has played a pivotal role in the past and has helped thousands of people. I present you the public writer, which was once present in every country but is now very rarely found. I had the pleasure to talk to one of the remaining ones in Guadalajara here's the summary of my interview with him.

Mr Partida Garcia, now 57, has been a public writer for more than 40 years, serving the population of Guadalajara. The job consists of typing letters or filling up forms (like employment forms he keeps a good pile of on his desk) for people who don't have a typewriter/computer or simply don't know how to write. They are known by the local population as 'escribanos' (writers).

What he likes most in his work is to help people and orient them when needed on how to fill the right forms and other administrative forms of the government. Of course doing so, he's doing a part of his revenues. He charges from 15 to 80 pesos (roughly US$1.15 to US$6.15) depending on the task at hand. He says he never has any problems with his clients because his motto is always to satisfy the client (a way of operate that is not so common in Mexico based on my experience and conversations, as it is in Canada or USA for example where the client is king).

He always works at the same location (Plaza Tapatia, very close to the Hopicio Cabañas) so the people know where to find him, from 10 AM to about 6 PM. This man who lived all his live in Guadalajara says he likes it here because there is lots of traditions and customs still in place, including the good food, and there are many tourists coming over to enjoy the mariachis and the tequila!

Thank you Don Partida Garcia for your time and your education about your job but mostly about your service to the community. Below you find a picture of the sheet on which he typed my questions and his answers during the interview (all done in Spanish of course).

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