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First shitty day...
Posted by: HoboSylvain | 2013-12-03 15:47:56 | Mexico City, The Federal District, Mexico
Keywords: failure, planning
I've been on the road for almost 6 months now, and although not every day was perfect I can say I had a good time so far. Sure beats being trapped in an office with a boss not understanding your work, But yesterday was my first bad day on the road. I usually try not to let negative emotions get a grip on me and most of the time I succeed.

I'm sick and can't visit an interesting location?  That's okay, I stay in and watch movies.  People are throwing a party in my hostel preventing me to sleep?  No problem, I get up and work on a few things.  Internet connection is down in my hotel?  No problem, I go to the park and get my emails, the rest can wait.

But yesterday, there were so many things that I couldn't shake them off my mind.  Two people let me down yesterday, hence my post about keeping expectations low and for the second time in my travels, I had to find an emergency housing  replacement option.  But thinking about it now, nothing went right yesterday, from the moment I got up.

As usual, I got up early and checked my emails and Facebook stuff.  Then I worked on adding a little new feature on my intranet (my trip planning tools, in the back-end of my blog system).  What should had taken me 15 mins to do, took me almost an hour... I made rookie mistakes and I couldn't see them right under my nose!

Then, I went for the breakfast included in my hotel arrangements.  In the previous days, is was good filling stuff so I was expecting some other variant of the same kind of dishes.  But all they had to offer that morning was a few pieces of mango with one spoon of yogurt and a pinch of granola!  In larger portions that would have been a great breakfast, but this serving was not even covering the bottom of a little saucer!  So, as I went out to take my last pictures of Morelia, I found (after looking for about an hour) a bakery and bought some bread in order to complete my breakfast with peanut butter spreads in my room.

That was a bit frustrating, but not enough to put me in a bad mood.  Then came the two consecutive bad news about people letting me down.  That was a lot to cope with, but the worst part was still to come!

I'm moody during the bus ride to the capital, I can't clear my mind of those negative emotions piling up.  That's not a long bus ride (about four hours), but with my mood it seems longer.  I try to watch a movie to kill time, but the media player of my seat doesn't work.  At one point, we're also stuck in a jam on the highway for about 30 mins due to an accident.

Once I get at the bus terminal, I find the subway station.... With plenty of stairs to go up and down, not fun with my luggage.  I have to change line at one station (more stairs to reach the other platform), and that's a problem.  My first metro segment went well, but for this second part, the train is packed.  Not everyone can get on.  Of course, with my size and luggage, the task of getting on is even harder for me, probably due to rush hour.  I see three trains pass by without being able to get on, trying different locations along the platform.  I'm finally able to get on the 4th train.  Once I reach my station, more stairs: two floors up, two floors down.

When I arrived at my Mexico City AirBnB location, it was not at all what I was expecting based on the listing.  My host wasn't there to greet me.  Turns out the one I wrote to for my reservation doesn't live there, only his parents.  His dad who was supposed to be there, wasn't.  The room was not as described, no running water in bathroom (had bad flashbacks from my days in Chihuahua), no Internet, and a few other glitches.  If I had planned to be there only for a few days, no big deal, but I'm in the capital for 4 weeks!

The father was first supposed to come back shortly from errand, as explained by his wife.  So I wait, hoping to solve issues and misunderstandings.  Finally after 90 mins I get some news and I'm able to talk to him on the phone.  Turns out he won't be there for at least another 90 mins, but he confirms I was shown the right room.  I'm hungry, I can't go eat because there's no way to lock my 'room', I don't have the keys of the gate of the house and I can't be sure there would still be someone to open upon my return.

The sun is now down, so it's dark.  I'm in a huge unknown city with all my luggage in tow.  Since I know I can't be here for 28 days in this setup and if I spend the night there it will be impossible to cancel and get a refund, I take up my gear and leave.  I get on the street.  I had not seen a hotel around on my way in, so I get a cab and ask him to get me to a cheap hotel nearby. 

It's not a pleasant cab ride.  I have no idea where we are going, I don't know if the driver takes me for a long ride to make up for a bad day or if he's getting me to a safe place.  The fact he's taking small poorly-lit streets contribute to my discomfort.  But he does drop me at a hotel with cheap rates.

I check in. I find weird I don't have any form to fill... I just paid and received a room key.  I go in the room, there's no Internet connection, so impossible for me to look for another hotel option for the rest of the month.  I get down to the front desk, the employee seems surprised about me wanting to get online, but he does gave me the connection info for a Wi-Fi only working in the lobby.

I sit down with my laptop and begin to hunt for another place to stay for the next few weeks.  I'm frustrated, upset and I hate to be in emergency mode.  After a few searches, I found a hotel downtown at a good price.   I will not enjoy not to have access to a fridge for a whole month, but I'll be fine with UHT milk.

While I was in the lobby, I saw other clients coming in and all my weird feelings about the hotel made sense.  It turns out that's a hotel used by couples in need of a room for an hour or two....  Since I'm there only for a night I don't care, plus I hear nice sounds walking in the hallways to and from my room.

After I found my new place, I realise I still haven't ate and it's now past 8 PM.  I go out of the hotel, not much around not even little taco carts.  After a few blocks, I find a grocery.  I get out of it with yogurt and a pastry for supper, plus a piece of bread and a banana for my breakfast in the morning.

Hopefully, not all days are like this, and if I get one of those every six months, I'll be fine.  I'm proud to say that despite all those events, I didn't loose my calm and I raised my voice only once. What do you think of my day?

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left this comment on 2013-12-03 17:34:59

I totally resonate with your experience! I remember when I first arrived in South America, Buenos Aires. I was assured that the building I was renting from was a quiet environment. Turns out that my neighbour loved hosting parties almost every night. Loud music till 9:00 am the next morning. There was no hot water and hi speed internet as I was promised...Cash was the only mode of payment. Since there is a limit amount you can withdraw in a day, I had to plan in advance and start withdrawing days in advance...Anyway, days like these are pretty common in South America LOL...At some point, they become part of living. The good thing is that I have become extremely flexible in such situations and have become so much more tolerant and patient over things that before would have upset me.

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