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Convalescence in Cancun
Posted by: HoboSylvain | 2014-03-15 20:36:16 | Cancun, Quintana Roo, Mexico
Keywords: health, Itinerary
I've been in Cancun for a week and a half now. I haven't visited it. I didn't come here to visit, but to rest from my visits :-) I had a few injuries to heal and I had found in Cancun the best price for a room in all my stay in Mexico... so it was the best time to sit down and relax... which I did. There are worst places in the world to be stuck to heal injuries.

I arrived in Cancun with my cracked rib still hurting a lot and with my right leg hurting as well, due to the compensating effort I've put on it over the last few weeks to save my rib area. My leg first had some muscular pain then came on some vascular issues because my veins were irritated and swollen. I've been to the doctor who prescribed me some meds and rest.

During my ten days in Cancun, I spent about 20 hours a day in bed, resting my legs. Since I could only lay on my back most of the time (because of my rib injury), I couldn't do any work done on any projct and my activities were pretty limited to grocery runs. I watched a few movies and I read in preparation for the next stops on my journey. I would have gladly stayed a week more in Cancun because although my leg is better, it's far from being totally healed. But since I have only about two weeks left in Mexico (before the end of my 6-month stay allocation), I have to move on and take time to visit slowly the few locations I still have to do in Mexico, and still give plenty of rest to my leg.

On the bright side, after four long weeks I can finally sleep on my sides. I normally never sleep on my back... and those past few weeks I haven't slept well because of that. My rib still hurts a little when laying on that side... but that's tolerable... and it's just a matter of time now before it's completely healed.

My next stop will be Tulum. Most tourists go there for either the Maya ruins or the national park nestled between the city and the ocean. I'm not. My attraction there are first the Sian Ka'an biosphere reserve (which is a UNESCO site) and the cenotes. I already visited a small semi-open cenote in downtown Valladolid, but I would like to visit a larger one (ideally still closed up). There are tons of them around Tulum. Of course, if I feel good I might visit the ruins as well.

Then, depending on various factors (my health, the cost of my lodging, the bus schedules for Belize, weather while I'm in Tulum, etc), I might decide to go to Chetumal as planned or stay longer in Tulum. I will then go to Belize City, the former capital of the country of the same name. Because it's along the coast and it's a weird city to explore apparently. It's also the location of the Canadian delegation... while all the other countries' are in Belmopan, the new capital, where I will also go after. I'll probably spend about 2 weeks in Belize. The main reason is because it's very expensive (that's why I won't be able to visit the only UNESCO site in that country).

After Belize, it will be Guatemala! I read a lot about Guatemala this week and I'm very excited about spending 8 weeks (or more!) in that great country! I've planned some very interesting activities during my time there. I've been in Mexico for almost 6 months now... and although I do enjoy the country very much, I do feel the need to venture in another country to experience something else. Perhaps also because Mexico was my 13th country visited in my life I feel I wasn't so lucky health-wise... and I want to move on.

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