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Change of plans for Veracruz
Posted by: HoboSylvain | 2014-01-12 19:51:26 | Veracruz, Veracruz-Llave, Mexico
Keywords: Holidays, sick
I was shocked to see this morning that only Cards weekly newsletters had been sent out. Then I realized I hadn't written any article in the last week! For that I apologize! The last few weeks were not the best for me and I was also busy writing for a Mensa newsletter I'm the editor of. With the Holidays, a few days sick and a dump of ideas for the newsletter, I was a bit out of inspiration and of time.

First, I'll go against the crowd and say how please I am that the Holidays are over. I don't like that time of year. I won't enter into the details, but suffice to say I don't have the usual prerequisites to enjoy this season: I'm not much into parties... and I don't have a family. I thought being outside my usual context of snow and cold would make it different for me this year and that it would be better. It was different, yes, but I can't say it was better.

The period ended with a special tradition in Mexico, the sharing of a crown of the Kings... to which I participated with a few local friends. The tradition is that there are at least two little baby angels figurines hidden in the large baked item. If we find one, we have to invite (and pay for) two persons in the year. The traditional offering is tamales (way back in time the crown was done in tamales too, hence the choice of offering). Tamales are part of what the Mexicans call their vitamin T (Tacos, Tortas and Tamales), being the base of their food intake.

Me and my Puebla friends sharing a Rosca

Then I left Puebla... but I was sick and the 4-hour bus ride to Veracruz was quite long in my condition. I got sick for a second time in 3 months in Mexico. This time, I suspect it's a mix of cold nights (in altitude it gets very cold at night and the hotels I stay in aren't heated), of altitude (I had been in high altitude for almost 3 months) and of pollution (Puebla is almost as polluted as Mexico City, where I was for 4 weeks just before). I'm not upset of being sick... I can easily take being sick an average day per month. Of course, it would be better if it would be 0... but it's okay. I'm not rushed in anyway.

Above you see a picture of the Popocatepetl, one of the volcanoes between Mexico City and Puebla. The picture isn't great because there was lots of smog... and automatic correction didn't work to my taste in Photoshop... but I like the effect of this picture. Ever since I was a kid, I liked the name of this famous volano... and taking a picture of it was my #2 objective while in Puebla (#1 was to visit the Centro, which is a UNESCO site). Although the picture isn't perfect, I'm glad to have one of my own.

Because I was sick for my first days in Veracruz (and a few more because of my stupidity which caused the diarrhea to restart), I decided to take the week to rest. Unlike Mazatlán where I had nothing specific to visit, I have two UNESCO sites to visit near here. So, I decided to stay in town for another week... to fully enjoy the city, rest a bit more near the ocean before returning inland. I will change hotel tomorrow however, since this one is too noisy (street traffic) and the price is too high considering this.

While I was in Mexico City and Puebla, I worked on a newsletter for a Special Interest Group (SIG) about Latin America for Mensa. I had to work a lot on the new format I wanted to give it, in addition to write a few pages of contents for it. I'm re-using one of the articles here, about the Mexican music.

I also worked on a few items around my Web site. I did some improvements in my back-end trip management system but I also worked on two new features for the public Web site. You can see them now. First, as you can see in this page, I now have pop-up captions for my pictures. I also created a new and special presentation for the HoboCards Web site, to display the daily pictures almost like postcards.


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