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5 months on the road
Posted by: HoboSylvain | 2013-11-17 19:33:37 | San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, Mexico
Keywords: altitude, budget, Itinerary, lifestyle
I have been on the road for five months now. During those twenty-two weeks, I've travelled more than 21 000 km on the ground (more than 80% in buses). I've been in three countries and 70 cities. I've visited 15 UNESCO World Heritage sites. My body is now getting used to Mexico and I really enjoy it. I also enjoy my current pace of travelling.

When I look back, I can hardly put everything in perspective. I'm browsing through the 10 000 plus pictures I took so far and although I remember all the details of every one of them, my brain still have problems understanding I've seen so many things in so little time. My 22 weeks of travelling would have taken me more than 4 years with my previous 5 weeks a year of vacation. I did it 5 months!

Every now and then, when I look at something on the street I have flashbacks of seeing something similar in another city. Especially here in Mexico, where there are so many common street names from one city to the other. Every city has at least one street Hidalgo (there were at least 2 heroes named Hidalgo in the Mexican history), one street Juarez, etc. When I see one of those signs, I remember the same name street located in previous cities.

Especially now that my body is finally accustomed to Mexico bacterias. It took me about 5 weeks to be able to say that... that's because of the rough start I had in Chihuahua. But now, I'm very much acclimated and I can now eat Mexican food for both lunch and dinner. For breakfast, I still mostly eat peanut butter sandwiches with a glass of milk. That's kind of security blanket. Just like in Canada and USA, most restaurants only serve eggs for breakfast although some will offer waffles or pancakes. I like eggs, but not every morning... and the other choices are empty calories. Besides, having my peanut butter spreads for breakfast and bed time snack allows me to get some fibres... which are very low in Mexican cuisine (where corn tortilla and white bread are the norm). Anyone who knows me will tell you I love spicy food, so that's not a problem. As an example... when I was making my spaghetti sauce in Montreal... if it didn't make me cry or sweat, it wasn't spicy enough :-)

I'm also sleeping better at altitude. It's true that I'm lower than in Zacatecas, but I'm still at 1900 m (about 6 300 feet). My nights are short... but they always were. I'm feeling rested when I wake up, which is new to me in high altitude.

In terms of finances, I had to revise my daily budget a bit with the local reality.. but it's still aligned to what I had in mind on a monthly basis. I initially thought of a daily budget of US$25 (roughly $15 for housing, $5 for food and $5 for inter-city transportation). After some experience, my daily budget is now around US$30: $20 for the lodging, $8 for the food and $2 for the transportation. The monthly total is still under US$1000... so I'm good. Sometimes I spend more, sometimes I spend less... but overall, I'm right on budget.

Finally, I'll mention that I really enjoy my current pace of travelling. For a month now, I've been changing location about every week, spending 6 to 8 days per location. I do enjoy this pace a lot, which allows me to rest more, work more on my projects and still allow me plenty of time to visit the location, at various times of the day. My stay in a city isn't ruined by a day of rain or a cloudy sky.

I will make two exceptions to that new rule for two of my next stops: Morelia and Mexico. Due to the extreme volatile and violent situation in the state of Michoacan I have shortened my stay in Morelia. I will be there only 4 days, just allowing me time to visit the old city and go for a tour to see the Monarch butterflies. Then I'll be off to Mexico City where I'll spend 4 weeks. It will be my first time in a city with more than 20 millions people... and I have 3 UNESCO sites to visit. Although I could easily cover everything in 2 weeks, I decided to take 4... to celebrate my then 6 months on the road.

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