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I'm back
Posted by: HoboSylvain | 2014-10-16 18:26:15 | Palmar Norte, Puntarenas, Costa Rica
Keywords: health, Itinerary, planning
I haven't written much in the last few weeks because I wasn't feeling well, both physically and mentally. I'm much better now so I'll resume doing what I enjoy most: visiting sites and telling you about it.

I have written a post about my traveller's fatigue, but this one is more about my life during this time.  I also had some physical illnesses that all began in Managua due to a heavy smoker in the next room.  I first developed throat and sinus infections which degenerated into a bronchitis.  Because I blew my nose hard many times a day, I ended up busting my eardrums.

Resting month

I just spent a full month on a small coastal village, recovering physically and mentally, working on a little contract.  Most of my issues are fixed although my throat is still sensitive and I still have coughing episodes every day.

I may define myself these days more in terms of a traveller and a photographer but in the core I'm still a programmer.  Few things in life give me more pleasure or satisfaction than using my skills to help others and simplify their work or life.  Doing that and distancing myself a bit from my own projects helped me a lot to recover.

As I helped my client, I regained energy which I also used to progress on some personal projects.  The main project I finally put forward is my panoramic photos selling site.  I have been working on this site on and off (mostly off however) for six months.  Going to you will close to a thousand panoramic pictures I took all over the world.  These are extremely high resolution pictures that could be printed in large format at maximum quality.  I have some pictures that gave over 300 megapixels and some could be printed up to sixteen feet long!

The site isn't perfect yet, but I wanted to launch it to support another project of mine: a KickStarter campaign.  Why a crowd funding campaign?  To finance a little detour to the Galapagos islands whilst I'll be in Ecuador.  Crowd funding is not charity, it's a way to get prepaid for products to be delivered later to finance a special project.  In my case, I offer my backers high quality pictures, including panoramic ones (up to 48 inches long!), at a lower cost actually than ordering them through my new site.  Personally, I find this totally ethical and much better than what most travel bloggers do: beg for freebies then conclude their reviews by something like "yes, I got this for free but the opinions are my own".

As I write this, it is unlikely my campaign will be successful however.  Meaning I won't get any money (and my backers won't be charged).  It's okay.  I would have loved to go to these mythical islands to do great photos, but I know where I failed in this attempt.  Will prepare myself better for a future one later.

I'm about to enter Panama (tomorrow), but I'm mostly excited for the next step: crossing to South America (on November 10).  More details about this later of course.

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