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Two months on the road
Posted by: HoboSylvain | 2013-08-15 22:49:57 | Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
Keywords: beginning, budget, health, Itinerary, plans
It's been already two months since I abandoned the definition of a home and began this journey. It's seems like yesterday, yet when I think of all the things I've done, places I've visited or people I met it feels like I've been gone for 2 years, not 2 months.

In those almost 9 weeks, I've visited parts of Canada I never explored, I crossed from East to West one of the largest countries of the world, and I met with more new people than I used to do in a year!

I've challenged my fear of heights on many occasions, especially in Pittsburgh, St. Louis and Pikes Peak. I've learned to live with pain with sunburns and stretched heel muscle that is healing very slowly because I can't give it the rest it needs. I've changed travel plans on many occasions, mostly because of weather.  I also stayed in on many occasions just to rest or plan next stops.

I listen to my body and I try to give it what it wants, even if it's not always possible.  I've always kept my calm when someone made errors and delays me or costs me money, except on one occasion a few days ago.

I've been exposed to many different types of people, much more varied than I've been exposed to in the rest of my life.  My preconceptions are being challenged every time I meet someone new.  As I sometimes been in homes in which conditions I wouldn't have let anyone in my home, my low disdain level got even lower and my tolerance increased.

I've met people who were doing things against my values and preferences, but I always respected their choices.  We're all different, not a matter of being superior or inferior.

Fast travelling as I'm doing now also plays tricks on my mind.  First thing, I never know which weekday we are.  I often have to look at a calendar.  Next watch I'll buy will display it.  About every week, I wake up and I don't know in which city I am! Of course, it also happened when I woke up during my nightly bus runs, but that's normal.

Since I also have a very good memory, street names play tricks on me.  For example, I cross a Broad street here in Victoria, and my mind is now focusing on the Space Needle in Seattle, located on Broad street there.  I cross the Quebec street here, and I'm transported to eastern Denver.

Give me 2 to 3 hours now in a city and I can analyse it, see its strength, its weaknesses, is it tourist friendly, pedestrian-friendly friendly, etc.  I also quickly know if I like the city or not, even if it's unfair to the city I don't even know.   That also modulates the time I'll spend exploring the city.

Do I like my new lifestyle?  Yes, without hesitation.

Do I like fast travelling?  No, I don't.  But it's a necessary pain for now, to allow me to see plenty of stuff in a short amount of time, in expensive places.  Especially now that almost every stop I'll do before Mexico is a place I've never visited.

In terms of finances, I did much better on this 2nd month, thanks to Couchsufing, but yet still above budget, due to transportation costs.  Transportation will still be a factor next month.

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