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Prepping goes along
Posted by: HoboSylvain | 2012-11-17 06:40:01 | Lachine, Quebec, Canada
Keywords: budget, finances, preparation, this blog site
Preparation goes well and I've been more productive in the last month. I've launched my blog sites a few weeks ago, and more sites will be launched in the next weeks. I've done a trip to Quebec City and I've bought some gear for my new life.

On the preparation side, Iíve done a trip to Quebec City of a few days to take pictures and do intensive walking.  During my 3 days in Quebec City, I easily spent 7-8 hours walking... as the only transportation method I used was the ferry to cross the river.  That was a mini-training for my departure.  At home, I often do 3-4 hours of walking during a day, without being tired or having sore feet.

Iíve launched my blogs and their portal on November 1st and the flow of visitors has been quite good.  Most visitors are search engine bots and spiders, but I still get a dozen human visitors a day.  Thatís not impressive by itself, but considering the blogs have been online for only 2 weeks, without any serious promotion, Iím very satisfied with the results.

Iíve designed a few calendars that are sold through with my pictures.  You can visit my Zazzle Calendars store. I will soon unveil a Web site to promote those calendars.

Next step will be the launch of my photo-selling Web site, which should be launched with the new year.   My photos will be offered in various sizes to match various needs and prices.  Youíll have the option to buy the image digital file or have the picture of your choice printed on one of the thousands of the products offered by

On the financial side, no increase in savings because of my trip to Quebec City and the purchase of a new camera.  Iíll have additional income in the next month with the sale of my old camera that will compensate most of my expenses for the new one.

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