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One week on the road...
Posted by: HoboSylvain | 2013-06-22 19:26:36 | Wolfville, Nova Scotia, Canada
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A week ago, I was leaving my apartment in Montreal, carrying with me all my belonging. What did I accomplish during this first week of full-time travelling? How do I feel about it?

I'll begin by saying I still have the same fears I had last week. It's too early for them to go away, because it's still like a regular vacation. With the exception I write a lot more about it and I have a new blog site to maintain and keep running (I fixed a few issues this week). But I like being on the road and although I'm not moving from one city to the other by foot as I initially thought I would (see What do I want?), I still walk A LOT while on destination. I've had so far at least 3 days where I walked at least 5 hours a day, covering at least 20 km, out of 7 days, that's not too bad :-)

So far, I've been in 3 different cities and visited 2 UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Before this journey, I had visited 21 of them in total. So, I've now been to 23 different sites. It's a step in the good direction and I intend to keep adding them. I'll add 2 more in the next week or so... then it will mostly revisiting places I've already been to in July... so the total count won't increase but I'll report on them and the number of sites visited during this trip will still go up.

I imagine once I've been on the road for a month or so, it will begin to sink it that it's not a regular vacation... and that I've really begun a long journey. I really can't wait to be in Mexico... because it will mean (hopefully) that I will have adapted to the lifestyle by then and I'll be ready to add a new country into my experiences.

But overall so far, it goes very well. The worst issue I've faced so far is to manage the smell coming out of my shoes! Hence this funny picture I've taken in North Sydney yesterday morning :-)

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