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My second week
Posted by: HoboSylvain | 2013-07-02 19:21:44 | Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
Keywords: plans, Start
My second week on the road was MUCH different than the first. Mostly about the weather and the changes I had to make to my original plans. I've spent a total of 10 days in Nova Scotia and I saw patches of blue sky only for a few hours the afternoon before my departure. Due to the weather and the fact I couldn't find transportation to access one UNESCO site I had planned to visit, I had to revise my plans. Of course, I knew that would happen, it was just a matter of when it would be necessary.

So, I arrived from Wolfville on Sunday the 23rd in the afternoon into Halifax. I checked the forecast to see if I should plan my visit to Lunenburg for the Tuesday or the Thursday (2 days with day tours there from Halifax). The forecast was for rain ALL week. So, I was a bit disappointed and the thought of changing my plans imposed itself, especially after I had tried to find a way to get to Joggin, a small town close to Amherst, location of a UNESCO site (with historical fossiles).

Fossiles weren't that interested to me in first place, that's also why I decided to skip Miguasha, another UNESCO site in the province of Quebec, but close to where I am. Also, since the lodging options were limited and expensive in Amherst, I decided to extend my stay in Halifax in hope for better weather. Weather didn't improve, far from that! So, because I couldn't stay in Halifax for months in hope to have a sunny day sometime, I decided to go to Lunenburg even with the rain.

I had found an ad on Kijiji for a rideshare between Halifax and Lunenburg, with return the next day. I thought it would be a good idea. Besides, financially, that ride plus the lodging in Lunenburg was cheaper than my night in Halifax plus the day trip to Lunenburg to spend only an hour or two there. The ad was from a couple (her originally from NZ, him from South Africa, currently without a home, moved out of London, will settle in Australia in a few months) traveling throughout Canada. They had rented a car and wanted to diminish their costs by having a rider to contribute. I thought it would be a nice experience to have... and it would allow me to spend more time in Lunenburg hoping for a good picture. In bonus, we'd be stopping in Peggy's Cove, to see its wonderful lighthouse.

So, upon return from Lunenburg, I checked back in at the same location I spent the week before, for 2 days, to then leave for the US border crossing as planned on July 2nd, skipping over Amherst and Moncton stops.

During my long week in Halifax, it was always very cloudy. On the only day without rain (Monday, the 24th) it was very warm and humid. The rest of the time, it was raining, plus thick fog That put quite a limitation to my time exploring the city. I stayed inside most of the time. Weather was affecting me... and I had the blues. I was bored to death and the stress from last few weeks came to haunt me again. I didn't see the end of that rain and I slept a lot. Weather never affected me that much in the past. I wasted my time browsing the Web and I did some fixings now and there on my Web sites. I should have been writing here and preparing my next stops... like finding lodging in Boston.

So, that week under the rain changed my plans, and I was able to adapt... and find new ways of getting from point A to point B by using rideshares. I knew I would use that down the road, probably in the middle of the USA where there's no cheap bus service, but it was nice to already put that experience under my belt. I also saw I could alter my plans and it wouldn't be the end of the world... so that's another positive outcome from that miserable weather week.

I write you down with a little delay because I have spent the last 2 days working on my lodging for Boston, New York, Philly and Pittsburgh. I will use AirBnB for Boston, due to timelines, and I found some Couchsurfing for both Boston and Philly. Next stops after that will be Detroit... where I'd really like to have some local guidance, because of the condition of the city.

The photo above is the only patch of blue sky I saw in my 8 days in Halifax area!

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