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10-hour bus ride...
Posted by: HoboSylvain | 2013-06-18 19:05:42 | Norris Point, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada
Keywords: bus, transportation
Not much to write about today... since I did no real sightseeing. I spent most of the day in a bus from St. John's to Deer Lake where someone picked me to get me to Norris Point within Gros Morne national park (almost an hour drive).

Last night, I went to a Subway restaurant to get a foot-long sandwich... to eat as breakfast and lunch while on the bus. That was by far the cheapest option. I also bought some water and some snacks to eat along the 10-hour bus ride.

I'm not someone who gets easily bored on transportation when I can watch the scenery and I knew the scenery was great to look at. I wasn't disappointed. It was cloudy and rainy in some spots... but overall, it was a great succession of “ponds” (which are often huge lakes in fact), large forests and mountains. Sometimes, the “ponds” were in fact fjords from the ocean, on the north side of Newfoundland.

I was following our progress on a map so I knew where the best spots would be for photography... and during those times, I was glued to the window with my compact camera. I took a few good shots, like the one you see above. In between those zones, I was sorting my pictures from St. John's and reading about Gros Morne national park, as to why it was classified on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Out of the pictures I've taken in St. John's, I'm keeping only 275 of them. :-)

Gros Morne is on the list because it's one of the few places on the face of the planet where you can actually see the effects of the tectonic movements. Here, there's a whole section that is in fact part of the Atlantic oceanic tectonic plate that has risen above the ground. These rocks are amongst the oldest they've seen, since they come from the Earth's mantle. Another criteria why Gros Morne was selected is because of its immense beauty... as I'll try to show you in the next few days, but I'm also dependent of the weather. See below the picture I took at my arrival here.

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